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Graphing Calculator: Data Input
To input data into your calculator: Get to the lists
  • Press

  • Choose the EDIT menu.

  • Choose Edit (1) from the menu.

Clear any data that’s already in your calculator
  • In the L1 column, use your up arrow to place the cursor on top of L1.

  • Press

  • Press the down arrow.

  • L1 should now be clear of any data.

  • Clear data from L2 using the same procedure.

Enter data into L1 and L2
  • Enter all the x variables in L1.

  • Enter all the y variables in L2.

To graph the data points you have entered: Set up the graph
  • Press 2nd (the STAT PLOT menu).

  • Choose Plot 1 by pressing

  • Turn Plot 1 on by placing the cursor over ON and pressing

  • Choose the type of graph you want which is a scatterplot (the first one shown). Place your cursor over the scatterplot and press

  • Make sure Xlist is L1 and Ylist is L2. If it is not, place the cursor next to Xlist and press 2nd and then the number 1. Now place your cursor next to Ylist and press 2nd and then the number 2.

  • For the Mark, choose the first option by placing your cursor on top of the first option and pressing

Set the window
  • Press 9 (ZoomStat)

Graph the points
  • Press

To get a line to go through those points (or at least very close): Setting up the command on the home screen
  • Press 2nd (to quit out of the graph screen and go back to your home screen).

  • Press

  • Choose the CALC menu.

  • Choose option 4 (LinReg) from the CALC menu.

  • Your home screen should now have LinReg.

  • Press 2nd and the number 1 (Your screen should now have LinReg L1).

  • Press the key (right above the number 7).

  • Press 2nd and the number 2 (Your screen should now have LinReg L1, L2).

  • Press the key again.

  • Press the key.

  • Choose the Y-VARS menu.

  • Choose Function from the Y-VARS menu by pressing

  • Choose Y1 by pressing

  • Your screen should now have LinReg L1, L2, Y1.

  • Press

  • Press

S Taylor

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